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Will I Test Positive If I Use CBD?

Will I Test Positive If I Use CBD?

Look, here’s the deal, people have to deal with drug tests. Whether you’re getting a new job or just made a mistake, a lot of people have had, or still have to take a screening for drugs. THC is widely recognized as being the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and produces a euphoric effect. This is why many employers may test for drugs.

Most CBD companies like Savage CBD use high quality, and reliable CBD and have 3rd party tests to back up their claims. Most reputable CBD companies use legal industrial hemp which is .03% THC or less or most will use CBD Isolate that  has low amounts of THC. For this reason, there is a slight possibility of THC showing up on a drug test. You might want to refrain from CBD before a drug test to avoid any mishaps. Our recommendation is to tread lightly with what CBD’s you use, because not all CBD Oil is created equal. Do your research first and pay attention to see if companies have 3rd party lab results.

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