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What The Future of CBD Looks Like In 2020

What The Future of CBD Looks Like In 2020

What The Future of CBD Looks Like in 2020

The year is slowly coming to an end and in 2019 we have seen an explosion of CBD hit the scene. With all this new moment CBD has gained we can only imagine what 2020 will bring to the CBD world. We have seen many trends come and go but here is what we project will happen with CBD in 2020. Expect more regulations as the government is now focusing more on CBD, less claims being made, and more products made available.

FDA Looking Into CBD

In 2018 the Farm Bill removed hemp (CBD) from the Controlled Substances Act and it caused a huge wave of new products to hit the market. This caused the FDA to give CBD a closer look since a lot people and companies started to make claims about CBD. In 2020 we expect the FDA to issue more warnings about CBD and potential side effects. We are also expecting the FDA to issue more restrictions on how CBD can be advertised and to whom. It is anticipated that they will also make CBD companies be more transparent about what is in their CBD.

It's not all doom and gloom for CBD in 2020 because of the FDA. These new regulations could purge out all the CBD companies who produce low quality CBD and have deceptive practices. The FDA has approved only one CBD product to treat severe forms of epilepsy available by prescription only. These are all positive steps for CBD and we look forward to complying with all FDA regulations.

CBD Claims

We've all heard of the claims made by people and companies regarding CBD. We tend to stay away from making claims about CBD because they have not been reviewed and approved by the FDA. Recently the FDA issued warnings to 15 CBD companies that were making medical claims about CBD. In 2020 expect less claims being made by companies about CBD benefits. We understand how excited our customers get about CBD and their personal experiences with our products. We encourage our customers to leave us positive reviews but you wont see us give you any medical advice. Any medical advise should be sought by a licensed physician or by your doctor.

Future CBD Products in 2020

We are looking to release more CBD products in 2020 to accommodate your lifestyle. Expect more CBD Vape products from us because a lot of people are staying away from vaping nicotine. Our CBD Pens, CBD Cartridges, and CBD Vape Juice doesn't contain any nicotine. In 2020 you can also expect to see more CBD Topicals which include more beauty products. You can also be on the lookout for more CBD Edibles and we are getting a lot of request to make sugar free products so we are looking into that as well.


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