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Extraction And Sourcing

Extraction and Sourcing

One of the biggest things that sets Savage CBD apart from most of the industry is the fact that we try to be as transparent as possible. It’s very important to Savage that all of our clients can trust our processes, quality systems, products, staff, and the brand as a whole. For those reasons Savage tries to toe the line and share as much information as we can with the public.

As most of the world knows, that can be a very fine line. When is there a time to share private proprietary information? Is there never a time? Savage doesn’t have all the answers, but we know one thing for certain: We care about our clients and can figure the line out for ourselves.

Over the last few months, Savage has released articles, videos, and information on our CBD, our labs, quality management systems, tests for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, once a month we pull one of every product at random and publish the potency tests, and the list goes on.

What we have seen is the public really wants to know where Savage sources their CBD and what extraction methods are used. For one, we have said in multiple blogs that CO2 extraction is the best method to extract CBD and the chosen method Savage prefers over all other methods.

What Savage has done is made a basic outline of how our product is sourced, extracted and brought into our facility to give clients a better look into our methods.

“Here at Savage, we are very stringent on what suppliers and labs we work with. We do our due diligence to make sure that they are following standards like CO2 extractions and before we even make a purchase we require a 5g sample of the product which we put through two tests:

1) Solvent, Potency, Pesticides, and Heavy Metals.

Once that passes we move on to the next test

2) We blend some of the samples into our products and do sustainability testing to make sure it is the quality and clarity that our clients are used to.

Once we make it past the tests we will buy from the supplier or lab. When we receive the product we immediately pull samples and send them off to the lab before use to test again for solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.

All of our hemp is either sourced from Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, or in some instances (depending on regulations) from Europe. We require our supplier to do their own testing and due diligence showing traceability back to seed.

Moving forward, we make batches and each batch is then tested at random once a month for potency. Our standard in potency is +5% or -5% of the target milligram we have displayed on our packaging for that specific item.

Doing these things helps us get a clear view of the quality and consistency of our products and allows us to do what we love – help people.

We hope you enjoyed this read and take pride in enjoying our products as much as we take pride in delivering these products to stores across the world for you.

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